A burning sensation

January 27th, 2013 by dad

We were about to start a game of Catan Cities and Knights when I decided to make some tea. Dorje helped carry the flask full of hot water back to the lounge.

He’s been singing like Bianca Castafiore ever since starting to read Tintin, so when he started shrieking again, it seemed like anther famous “Jewel Song” was in the offing.

Unfortunately, he was helping to carry a flask with hot water to the lounge, and the top had come off, pouring scalding water on his arm.

He spent the next while melting all my icepacks. An initial look at his arm didn’t show much damage, but some impressive blisters came up about an hour later.

The main blister

Both affected areas

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  1. jennifer Says:

    Lavender essential oil works such a wonder on burns of any sort. It’ll sting a little initially, but soon that heat is gone and it’s healing like there’s no tomorrow.

    Just a tip, should the need ever arise again. :)

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