My love heart ♥ ♥ ♥

September 21st, 2011 by MUM

Dorje “MUM I have hearts in my eyes so I see everyone as hearts and love, even bad people. Bad people have X’s in their eyes, so then they see everyone as X’s 🙂

MUM to me you are so much love, you are rare and beautiful. And, so is DAD”

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A dangerous outing

September 14th, 2011 by dad

Dorje and I went for a walk this weekend along the river – the Liesbeek River just across the road from us. It’s a dangerous place to go walking; many terrible things happen there, so Dorje took some protection. Although I think others were in need of protection from us.

The most dangerous of the monsters are the vicious flesh-eating grumphsks. They hunt in threes, and have huge mouths to swallow you down in one gulp. We watched in horror as they stalked and then pounced repeatedly on their helpless victims:

Grumphsks taken care of, it’s safe to venture into the water, and I have visions of getting a boat and tackling the next task – however, it’s beyond just two people.

Luckily, the Friends of the Liesbeek are hosting a cleanup at 9am this Saturday (there’s another happening at the same time at Lagoon Beach) so feel free to come and join them if you’re in the area.

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Birds and bees … I mean snails?!

September 13th, 2011 by MUM

I am crying with laughter here. Dorje and his friend Joel found a snail with a snail. They first thought the snail was poo’ing. Then, I overheard them discussing the snail giving birth to a baby snail except they are both adult snails. I guess I should tell them what is happening … but its more fun listening to the conversation

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Heart breaker

September 11th, 2011 by MUM

Ag bless Dorje ♥ he says to me this evening “MUM you are quite cute and pretty and I especially love your winking twinkly eyes” ♥ ♥ ♥

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