Cabin Fever and a chase by Woses

October 26th, 2009 by dad

Dorje and I spend way too much time locked up in the house. Literally.

Occasionally we need to make a break for it.

Thirty seconds into a walk, Dorje can be complaining he’s tired. That is, unless he’s looking for treasure, or being chased by baddies.

I wasn’t sure how our walk up to a lookout point on Table Mountain would go, as it’s mostly steep uphill all the way. I needn’t have worried, as we were both looking for treasure and chased by woses, so we were up in no time.

Dorje seemed to enjoy taking some pictures of me.

But we weren’t safe on the mountain. There were woses, trolls and all sorts of nasties chasing us back and forth.

Luckily we found time to eat.

That’s more than can be said for a couple of Americans we met. Descending at about 15h30, we met the two of them on their way up Platteklip. They asked how far it was, and told us how hungover they were from their night of drinking. One of them was celebrating a birthday. After they left, I realised that, though they were only about a quarter of the way up, their bottle of water was almost empty, and their small bags didn’t seem to have to enough space to carry much warm clothing.

I hope the woses didn’t get them.

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Go fly a kite

October 24th, 2009 by dad

Dorje and I recently bought a kite. He was a little shy of the kite man, and all the strange flapping paraphernalia, but eventually chose one that looked like a bat.

The Bat
OK, a large, bright, multi-coloured bat, but still a bat.

After a few near misses with the trees in Observatory, a few weeks ago we decided to take it out to wild open spaces of Noordhoek beach.

I wanted to walk to the wreck from the Noordhoek side, forgetting how far this is, especially for a 5-year old.

The beach is quite different from when I was a regular living near there. The lagoon has shifted to the south, so we spent much of the walk wading through the warm water. Then there was a large river crossing the beach, courtesy perhaps of all the Port Jackson clearing that’s been going on. With some convincing, we managed to cross the torrential stream.

The shoreline was also covered in bluebottles, but luckily, on the vast expanses of Noordhoek beach, there was more than enough sand to spare.

Finally we made it.
Wreck, Noordhoek Beach

The sand around the wreck, being quite close to the sea, was also covered in bluebottles, which interfered with our treasure hunt. There were ample washed up plastic boxes which looked like they could contain treasure, but sadly, none of them did.

I was worried about getting back, as Dorje was already tired from the long walk, but, with the bat chasing us all the way, we made it back in no time.

A few weeks later, we headed out again with Kirsti and Jemima and their kite. By this time, Dorje had managed to get the kite string so tangled that the weakened bat could only lift itself about 6 metres off the ground

Noordhoek beach, KT and Jemima and Dorje

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Dorje’s New Jungle Gym

October 18th, 2009 by MUM

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Dorje 6th school party

October 15th, 2009 by MUM

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“I love you bigger than infinity!”

October 7th, 2009 by MUM

Dorje’s latest is “I love you bigger than infinity .. the numbers bigger than infinity are zulu, shulu, kulu and hulu” (:lol:)

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