Virtual terrors

November 3rd, 2016 by dad

Dorje and I went to the Virtual Reality arcade at the Waterfront this weekend. We played three ‘games’ (one was simply a visual experience). Space pirates, where the aim is to destroy enemy spaceships which come from all directions, firing lasers back at you which you need to dodge or use your shield on. An underwater experience, where you get to experience tropical fish, beautiful coral reefs, whales, turtles and jellyfish, and a zombie game, which we played as a team, where you need to blow away hideous zombies pouring through surrounding corridors, out to eat to your brains.

A zombie from behind
A zombie from behind.

For those who haven’t experienced VR before, it’s a completely immersive experience, with the goggles on, reacting to your movements, you only exist in the virtual world. So which one did Dorje find most terrifying?

Yes, the beautiful coral reefs. Dorje is not a fan of water, and the experience of being in the deep sea was quite real!

Is that a tropical fish I see?
Is that a tropical fish I see?

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