Some light reading

February 22nd, 2009 by dad

Wheels on the Bus, Dr Seuss and The Gruffalo are so passé – Dorje’s onto advanced chess openings already. In this case, “Play Anti-Indian Systems”.

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OK so apparently I am in major trouble for killing a mosquito

February 4th, 2009 by MUM

(:rolleyes:) Dorje was devastated, told me I killed one of Mother Natures creatures. So now, according to him I need to find Mother Nature, which is apparently a gnome, and say I am really sorry.

When I tried to say sorry by looking at the mosquita, he rolled his eyes at me and told me “MUM, why are you saying sorry to a dead mosquito, because dead creatures can’t hear” (:lol:)

So I am guessing I can’t kill anything anymore *sigh*

I suppose I did take a vow of non violence in ALL my actions. So, here is to getting lots of mosquito bites

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