Foodle Tee Em

April 19th, 2010 by dad

I went away with Dorje this weekend to Aloe Cottage in Darling, courtesy of a Facebook friend who happens to own the house. The house is well stocked with games, and Dorje has discovered a new favourite.


Yes, Foodle, the funky food game involves rolling dice, answering questions on nutrition, and most fun of all, drinking lots of water. Dorje downed half the Darling dam helping mom and dad, who both soon tired of gulping water down.

Back home on Monday, Dorje and I made our own version. Drawing the board, colouring in the 24 squares (bright orange, bright green with glasses of water or various foods, and dark green with keys on the back), a set of 24 cards, again, 8 bright orange, 12 bright green, and 4 dark green funky monkey squares.

Funky monkey cards involve moving forward or back. Two forward for eating your spinach, one forward for eating broccoli, one back for eating sugar, and two back for drinking Coke.

What to do about the 20 remaining cards, all requiring questions? We should have stolen the cards from Darling says Dorje. Hmm…

A better idea, and much more fun – we left the orange (hard) and green (easy) cards blank, and made up the questions as we went along.

Dorje, with his superior nutritional knowledge, thrashed me, cruising through questions such naming two colours of cabbage, whether lettuce or spinach is healthier, and whether cashews or almonds are sweeter.

In spite of Dorje helping me out by asking the same question at least 4 times (whether milk from cows or the shops was healthier), I trailed badly, and Dorje is the Foodle (very definitely without the TM) champion.

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