Is this a sign?

November 8th, 2009 by MUM

We went to Ocean Basket for supper last night – Oma, Shaun, Dorje and I. Dorje wanted prawns for supper. After eating the 2nd prawn he said “Mum, we can’t eat these!”.

“Can’t eat what, my angel?”.

“We can’t eat prawns and fish, these are mother earth’s creatures!” (:eek:)

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November 4th, 2009 by MUM

Yesterday Dorje was holding the hose pipe, and he asked me to turn it on to water the veggie garden, … with a cheeky grin, I might add.
So, I said no way you are going to squirt me (:lol:)
He tells me, “No I won’t!”, … still with a cheeky grin
I didn’t believe him.
So, he insisted, a fairy promise
Which, in our world, is the BIG promise, you don’t lie to your fairies (:lol:)

But, there is still this cheeky grin … hmmm
So we go over the don’t say promise if you don’t mean it “talk”.
He insists he is NOT lying, he says to me “I am smiling because you are so beautiful mum” (:lol:)
Fark so I turn on the hose and the bliksem wets me (:lol:)
The lying little shit, I fell for the charm hook, “lie” and sinker (:lol:)

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