Flags of the world

March 28th, 2009 by dad

Dorje has been into flags the last few days. So when he saw I some flags open on a Wikipedia page on my computer, he wanted to draw them.

Time for a general knowledge test.

Let’s start off with some easy ones:

I’m sure you got all of those. South Africa, Canada, France and Zimbabwe. Now a little tougher.

Argentina, Uruguay (those suns are fun to draw), Ireland (where the dividing up of the sheet into thirds suffered a bit), and, obviously, the Union Jack. Time to ramp up the difficulty a bit:

If you’re struggling, don’t feel too bad. Two of these flags aren’t countries. Chinese Taipei (note the Olympic Rings at the bottom) and Hong Kong, followed by Samoa. The last one should be easy. Scotland. Obviously…

On to the final two. One may seem a bit abstract to be identifiable, and the last one, although probably quite easy to recognise, must be one of the hardest flags to draw:

The one looking a bit like abstract art is actually South Korea, surrounded by lovingly rendered I Ching symbols. The last one of course is Wales, but that dragon! If Welsh children have to practise drawing the national flag like I had to, they have my greatest sympathy!

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Attack of the snails

March 27th, 2009 by dad

After this afternoon’s welcome rain, the snails came out en masse. There were hundreds everywhere!

By the pot plants:

On the stoep:

On the steps:

In the garden:

And even more in the garden.

Luckily Dorje was up to the task. He built a snail stopper. You can see it on the floor next to him.

Lookit those snails fleeing:

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