Dr Moi and the infected gums

April 9th, 2009 by dad

Dorje came to stay with me this weekend, and brought quite a serious gum infection along. Fortunately, I got a pamphlet in the post from Dr Moi.

Dr Moi

Dr Moi is a spiritual healer (from Kenya), and for only a R30 consultation fee, will advise on various medical problems. As a man of many talents, he’ll also consult on settling your debts, ghosts and demons in your house, bad luck, enemies, court cases, and so on.

In fact, Dr Moi was kind enough to deliver about 60 pamphlets to my postbox. They came in very handy, and Dorje was soon having a great time.

Dr Moi's services

I’m still picking up plane wrecks from the garden.

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Nought minutes

April 6th, 2009 by dad

Dorje was asking this weekend how long nought minutes was. He asked, “Is it….” and rolled his eyes back as if thinking. I waited for him to find the word and finish the question. He kept waiting, holding the same pose. The pause was going on way too long, and he seemed strangely stuck, so I was about to help him out when suddenly he leapt up and said “This long!”

And strictly speaking, yes, that was exactly nought minutes.

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