Creating your own reality

June 1st, 2009 by dad

Dorje, as with most five-year olds, is great at creating his own reality. A game could go something like this.

Dorje: “OK, you’re the baddie trying to catch me” (passing me a figurine, while holding one himself)
My figurine leaps forward onto his.
Dorje: “No, you can’t fly. You have to walk”
My figurine walks and catches his
Dorje: “No, there’s a shield here. You can’t get through”
My figurine goes round the shield and catches his
Dorje: “No, if you come this way I put on my Ben 10 watch and turn into 4-arms and knock you out the way”
My figurine goes around the shield the other way
Dorje: “No, if you come this way I put on my Ben 10 watch and turn into ghost freak and become invisible. You can’t see me”
Dorje’s figurine, invisible, leaps onto mine.
Me: “No, I have a shield this way”
Dorje: “No, you don’t have a shield”

Simple really. If something doesn’t suit, you just create a new version of reality.

Here’s another example. When drinking a smoothie, the smoothie was actually poison. At least it was poison for people, and fine for monsters to drink. So Dorje the monster, starts drinking. We’re doing something else and he’s not a monster – he’s a man. He should be dying. No, he’s a monster wearing a man mask. Shortly after he starts growling wanting to eat me. Now he’s a monster wearing a man mask. Wearing a monster mask.

It gets difficult to follow sometimes. But hopefully he’ll retain the ability to shape his own reality so effectively as he gets older.

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