Livening up the bathroom experience

August 2nd, 2009 by dad

Everyone got very excited recently when the Ethical Co-op started offering unbleached toilet paper. Actually Dorje’s mom was probably most excited of all.

Dorje seemed impressed, but didn’t think it looked pretty enough. After all, brown toilet paper may be more exciting than its toxically bleached white counterpart, but it’s still not that exciting, is it?

Never fear! WIth a little bit of love and attention, the toilet paper can be brightened up. Mushrooms, guinea fowl, seals and tortoises…

You can see the last of the additions on the far left of this photo.

It’s his friend’s name, Leo (misspelled). I’m sure he meant well adding his friend’s name to the toilet paper.

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3 Responses

  1. Opa Says:

    Looks good to me … but how does it feel

  2. MUM Says:

    Opa, it feels soft and great, love it, can’t ever go back to old toilet paper :)

  3. Alan Says:

    Mmmm! I think I’ll have to try it before I comment any further!

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