Sweet Dreaming

January 21st, 2011 by dad

Dorje’s having fun in his dreams. His nocturnal exploits inspired me to attend a workshop on lucid dreaming, and while I haven’t been doing much lucid dreaming myself, Dorje seems to have been making up for my lack. Most still involve the fun task of fighting monsters, not at all scary anymore now that he can defeat them easily.

I’ve been encouraging him to make friends with the monsters, which he seems to have done, but he finds it more entertaining that not only can he defeat them easily, he can control the monsters.

I have visions of Dorje leading an array of fearsome beasts in a quickstep – not close to as much fun as what’s actually going on I’m sure.

I asked him how he became aware he was dreaming. The usual technique involves looking at one’s hands, and it will change in some way, making us realise we are dreaming, but Dorje did this once and his hand turned “evil”.

His technique is a first to me but quite ingenious – he looks at his fingerprints!

Seeing that I’m not having much chance to lucid dream myself, I’m subtly planting suggestions for him to try out – a classic case of a parent living their life through their child I suppose…

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