Dorje and the Hostile Mobs

January 27th, 2015 by dad

Anique took Dorje to school by train today. Arriving at Pinelands station, they were met by a huge crowd of people trying to get on to the train. The crowd forced themselves through the door, pushing those trying to get off back onto the train.

Anique managed to get off, but without Dorje, who was being bashed too and fro by those pushing to get on.

With visions of the train leaving with Dorje stuck on it, she did an Ian (I’ll take that as a compliment this time). Fortunately Dorje couldn’t hear above the crowd what she was shouting, and in the end Dorje, slightly shaken, managed to get off.

And promptly tripped, hitting his head on Anique’s laptop.

Luckily no major damage done, but Dorje’s journal is full of capital letters and exclamation marks, and finished off with a giant “HOSTILE MOBS” taking up an entire page. Just this once, I decided not to correct “mobs” to “mob”.

Let’s hope he doesn’t encounter any real hostile mobs, whether singular or plural, anytime soon.

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