the “Rasta girls”

February 13th, 2008 by MUM

the “Rasta girls” are his new best friends (:lol:)

So he says to me last night “Mum, all girls are Rasta girls” (:confused:)
So I ask him “Am I a Rasta girl?”
He exclaimed, rolling his eyes at me (:rolleyes:) Apparently boys can’t be Rasta’s either. (:lol:)

I just love how he calls them “the Rasta girls”. Conversations go like “I played in the sandpit with the Rasta girls”. Or, “the Rasta girls and I had a tea party”

OK, in fairness they call themselves “the Rasta girls”. Trinity, one of “the Rasta girls”, tells me yesterday “Us Rasta girls are KOOL girls”.

I tell you, this age kraks me up (:lol:)

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