I love you but I don’t like you, and boys don’t die

February 26th, 2008 by dad

For someone who supposely doesn’t watch TV, Dorje’s pretty good at telling me all about what Power Rangers and Transformers can do, and how police kill baddies with guns, or chop them up with swords. And of course he must demonstrate.

So, on Sunday I was once again a baddie being hacked with a sword (a small branch), when he hit me on the knuckle. It was sore.

“Do you love me but not like me?” he asked. I wasn’t quite sure what to make of this, but I think it comes from something his mom has probably been trying to tell him – that you can love someone, but not like what they’re doing.

So yes, I love Dorje, but don’t like being beaten up by him.

Later that day we were talking about who’s who in the family. He was telling me about his ouma (Anique’s mom), and that his mom’s ouma was old, and died. “But boys don’t die,” he said, “only girls”.

Sadly I had to tell him that’s not the case, and that when they get old, men die too.

My father is turning 80 this weekend, and Dorje is of course coming to the party.

“I’m going to go to grandpa’s party, and then he’s going to die,” he announced. I looked at him, and he had his best sweet cherubic face on, with just a hint that he was looking for a reaction. He didn’t get much from me, but I’m sure if he said that to others, like say, my mother, he’d get a much more rewarding reaction!

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  1. MUM Says:

    “Do you love me but not like me?”

    I think the best answer would be I love you, I like you but I don’t like … eg I don’t like when you hurt me but I like you?! KWIM?

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