The Golden Moneymaker

December 10th, 2010 by dad

Dorje recently made a card for a friend. The birthday girl is just finishing her arts degree, and, to my knowledge, without any prompting about struggling artists, Dorje made her a golden moneymaking machine.

Moneymaking machine

News is that it’s already working. I quite like the eco-friendly design. Note the dirty smoke pouring out the bottom being sucked in again, and being converted to clean air.

It also doesn’t need a power socket as it’s driven by people power. I can vouch that it’s a good workout too, since my contribution during the testing process involved labour, not design and engineering.

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  1. Anique van der Vlugt Says:

    Can you fix the picture? If not, I can email another copy to you …

  2. dad Says:

    Heh, a reader 🙂 Will look into fixing it.

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