A walk to the waterfall

June 21st, 2009 by dad

Last weekend Dorje and I took a break from killing baddies around the house, and went for a walk to the waterfall on Kasteelspoort.

I’d gone up along the previous weekend, and after the recent rains it’s been flowing quite strongly.

We started at the Camps Bay entrance to the Pipe Track. I wasn’t sure if we’d make it all the way up, and it wasn’t looking hopeful, with Dorje “tired” about 100 metres into the walk, and wanting to stop.

Luckily there were enough helicopters and mist and flowers just around the corner to keep him occupied. It also helped that, with the thick mist, we could hear the waterfall, but not see it.

Every flat-looking rock was an excuse to stop for a snack. And some not-so-flat rocks too:

After our lunch break we crawled off again. Just as it looked like we’d never make it, we heard some baddies coming up fast behind us on the path. Dorje charged off to outrun them. Leaving me in the dust (mud). Dorje ascended the last half of the distance in about 1/10th of the time he’d taken for the first half.

Out of breath, we made it to the waterfall, well ahead of the baddies.

Instead of sitting by the path, Dorje decided to climb a little higher, up the actual waterfall. Up he went, higher…

And higher…

After that walk, I’m not going to believe his “I’m tired” excuses anymore!

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