Lucid Dreaming

August 9th, 2010 by dad

When I put Dorje to bed I usually say “sweet dreams”. A while ago, Dorje told me he didn’t have sweet dreams – instead they were scary, monsters and the like. He “always” had scary dreams. I told him he could let go, not resist, not try to fight them, or be scared of them.

He didn’t think this was good advice!

We got into talking about how some people can control their dreams – skipping over awareness of one’s dreams! Dorje liked this idea more.

This evening I asked Dorje whether he still had nightmares. “No”, he said. “Now I control my dreams – I always win”. Dorje was highly convincing, but then he’s equally convincing as an orc telling me he’s about to chop my head off with his sword.

Still, according to him he’s mastered his nightmares. For those interested in following (or not) Dorje to mastery, the Tibetan centre in Cape Town is hosting a workshop on lucid dreaming at the beginning of October.

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    […] having fun in his dreams. His nocturnal exploits inspired me to attend a workshop on lucid dreaming, and while I haven’t been doing much lucid […]

  2. i am the lucid dream Says:

    Before you get to sleep put ones finger involving the eyebrows as well as try to
    see the tip of the finger for the min. 5 min for ideal results.

    Then explain to yourself i am going to induce any lucid dream.
    Then get to sleep. Its excellent.

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    […] has got me interested in lots of activities so far (lucid dreaming, pokemon), and the latest is a game called Minetest. Or rather, he was interested in Minecraft […]

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